Boatswain's Mate Lanyards

Note: THE WHITE LANYARDS GO WITH THE DRESS BLUES AND BLACK LANYARDS GO WITH THE DRESS WHITES.  The uniform shifts are in April for dress whites and October for dress blues depending on your regional commander!!!!

Note: For planning purposes Please allow 7-10 days for Lanyard delivery.  Not planning ahead for your inspection is not our issue.  We ship out all lanyards promptly since they are made upon order!!!!!

The CPO Lanyards will also fit the Navy Service Uniforms. Aka “Peanut Butters” 

Some of the lanyards will ship separately from the rest of the order!!!

NAVY REG 5404.  BOATSWAIN'S PIPE AND LANYARD.  The boatswain's pipe and lanyard may be worn around the neck while carrying out official ceremonial duties and military watches.  The lanyard is braided with Belfast cord in a traditional style and sennit.  When hanging free, the bottom of the pipe will not fall below the top of the belt.  Wear white lanyards with dark/blue uniforms and black lanyards with white uniforms.  Men place the pipe in the left breast pocket when not in use.  Women wearing Service Dress Blue place the boatswain's pipe attached to the lanyard between the top and second button of their jacket when not in use. Do not wear them on liberty.