Sterling Silver Boatswain’s Mate Pipe TBS Sterling FLL

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Sterling Silver Boatswain’s Mate Call

We did it !!!

After a few months of planning, quality control we are bringing back the sterling silver Boatswain’s Mate Pipe.  They stopped manufacturing them in the 1970s when the United States Navy transitioned to the current nickel plated brass.

No other USA company produces these but us!!!

They are approximately 5 inches long and weigh 40 grams or 1.3≈ ounces.  
These are tested at 99.6% silver.  

These calls are about 8 grams heavier than the ones in the 1970s.
Stamped with TBS Sterling FLL

Tunes easy with beeswax only in the buoy and filing down the wind edge !!!

No solder needed!!!

Free USPS Priority mail with insurance!!!